Tuesday, April 5, 2011

spring break

Note: This post was written on Saturday, 2 April.

Spring break has finally arrived, and the plan is to write and write and write.

In Awaking, I'm just hitting the inciting incident. Which means the writing should start getting a bit easier. I've introduced most of the main characters, the conflict has been introduced. Now the fun begins, really.

In truth, I'd love to be finished with the draft by the end of break. I don't know if that's realistic for me or not, but this is my year of dreaming big.

I think that getting our desktop computer fixed will really help. I've been working on my laptop, but the laptop is in the living room, along with the giant TV and Netflix streaming. And I find it rather difficult to sit in the living room without turning the TV on. So, being in the office on the desktop will probably help with my focus. I've got a playlist on my iPod all ready to go.

Brian's at home this morning, but he goes in to work at 2 o'clock. I plan to do some writing as soon as he's gone.

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