Saturday, April 16, 2011

back at the office (or rather, in)

Since I've been back to work, I've not really gotten much written. Last weekend, I hit 35,000 words. As of this moment, I'm only at 37,759. That's less than 3000 words over the course of, like, seven days. And 1000 of those words were written in one day.

It's sad, friends.

But I've put the laptop back in the office, which is a start. (That damned TV is just too enticing for me.) I've got a pint of Atwater Block Brewery's Vanilla Java Porter, which is part two in my writing plan for tonight. This week is Rachel's week off and her goal is to be done with her draft by next weekend (our two woman writers' conference). I would also love to have that be the case, but...

Well, let's face it: I'm bad a time management. It's always been my downfall. I barely remember what happened to my time this week. It seemed like the perfect week to writewritewrite because I didn't have many assignments to grade. Alas, other life-related things were happening and, well, less than 3000 words.

But Rachel is at 40,000 words at the moment (the most she's ever written. She is AMAZING). So, I hope to hit that tonight. A little competition's good for the soul, right?

My mind's already on edits I'll make once this draft is done. One friend who's been looking over Awaking thus far has given me some EXCELLENT suggestions (not specific, like, "do this here," but general stuff) that I will definitely incorporate to make this book even more rocking. It may or may not cut down on word count, but really, I'm not concerned about that. My aim is between 50,000-70,000 words when the book is all said and done.


As sad that I am at my abysmal progress for the week, I am happy at where the story is. So happy, in fact, that I'm about to get back to it. It's almost party time. (Really.)

Until next time, peace out.

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  1. It can be tough sticking to writing deadlines. I am the world's worst! Keep it up and you'll soon be reaping the rewards... having readers thoroughly enjoying your work. Good luck!
    Best wishes