Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Weekend

First of all, I just wrote this post, and then lost it before I could publish. It started as a post full of excitement and optimism. Now I'm grouchy. I'll try to regain the happy fun talk...

So, it was a big weekend! Maddie came over for the first ever Writer's Weekend. It was really awesome to spend the time with Maddie. Plus, I got A LOT done!

First, and most importantly, I completed my first draft. I am so excited! I have never finished a novel length piece before, so I'm awfully proud. Ive been doing a fair amount of revising as I wrote, so I'm hoping the editing/revising process goes fairly quickly.

Speaking of which, I contacted a proofreader. He did a sample for me and I think its going to work out really well, so that's exciting!

Lastly, I contacted a cover artist and spent a lot of time looking through stock photos for the cover. I have at least four very different ideas for what I want, which makes it tough. I wish I had at least some ability to use Gimp or Fotoflexer so I could play around a little. Sigh.

But for the most part, things are going well. I am sitting here on the couch with a binder filled with my draft next to me. I just keep looking at it- I wrote that! I'm so proud of it!

Pathetic, isn't it? Can you imagine how bad it will be when I actually have a paperback proof in my hands?


  1. Good for you! Post more about your writing process though. I'm interested to know both of your methods of attack.

  2. I have usually used the following process: Have an idea, make rambling notes, establish a general plan, and start writing. Then I let the characters take over.

    I'm working on being a little more systematic in my approach. I'm trying to outline more thoroughly. We'll see how that goes.